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F2 Category 6 UTP Cables 2D4P6T2PS3RBU

Miêu tả:

Actassi F² Category 6 UTP Cable is a superior product designed for use in horizontal cabling, delivering the best network
performance when used in conjunction with other Actassi products.
The Actassi F² cable consists of 4 pairs of solid and insulated copper 23 AWG (0.58mm) and comes in a 305m reel. The
patent pending F² Construction separator has features of both firm and flexibility, a superior design for heavy strain
The Actassi F² Category 6 UTP cable provides a significant margin above the minimum Category 6 NEXT requirement of
TIA/EIA 568B.2-1 and ISO/IEC 11801.

• Patent-pending design F² Construction separator form virtual
shielded compartments to ensure all four pairs of wires are
being properly partitioned off and in good separation for
optimum NEXT performance
• The nonmetallic will not introduce additional electrical
ground issue
• 23 AWG conductors for improved Insertion Loss performance
• Fully compliant to TIA/EIA 568B Category 6 and ISO/IEC
11801 Class E Standards
• UL Listed CM Fire rated

• Improvement in return loss, maximizing cable balance and
minimizing echo to enhance overall channel performance
• Provide superior headroom for most robust network &
applications e.g. Gigabit Ethernet, broadband video, 3D imaging
and other multimedia applications
• Minimize additional workload for cable installation,
termination, and re-work
• Longer product life and higher product reliability

Catalogue Number         Description
2D4P6T2PS3RBU          F2 Cable, Category 6 UTP,305m, Blue
2D4P6T2PS3RGY          F2 Cable, Category 6 UTP,305m, Grey

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