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Actassi Category 6A RJ45 FTP CPL2D4P6ALSF3R-BU

Miêu tả:

Clipsal Actassi 4-Pair Category 6A F/UTP Cable delivers excellent network performance
when used in conjunction with Clipsal Actassi Category 6A FTP products.
The cable consists of four pairs of solid insulated copper 23 AWG (0.59mm) with
an overall aluminium foil. With the sheath being LSZH classified it provides extra
precautions against harmful emissions coming from the sheath in the event of a fire.
It is designed for use in horizontal cabling, provides best immunity against external
noise interference, and is supplied on a reel in 305m (1,000ft) lengths.
The cable provides a significant margin above the minimum Category 6A near end
crosstalk (NEXT) requirement of TIA/EIA 568-B.3-1 and ISO/IEC 11801.

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